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Personal Info

My Resume
PDF resume

Demonstrations of Some of My Programming Projects

Server Administration
Sometimes you just *need* a tool to do something....
I am working on a JamStack framework.
PHP Programming
Excerpts of some projects I have worked on.
Webservice/REST/API programming
Programming a complete solution to deliver cloud-content by creating and using APIs
API, Financial API, YQL, jQuery UI, jQuery Highcharts, Ajax, PHP, SQLITE, no-SQL [circa 2013]
A system for showing stock prices and graphing historical prices

UI Development / JQuery
Some examples of using jQuery to develop user interfaces.
jQuery Datatables, Ajax, PHP, SQLITE [circa 2012]
A system for managing land claims in the online role-playing game "Lords of Ultima"

Responsive Design, Measuring Connection Speed and Screen Size [circa 2014]
A method of measuring the connection speed and screen size on a browser/tablet/phone

AJAX Projects
These projects are all examples of what is now called "AJAX". Some were constructed before the term was created.
MVC + JSON + SQLITE + DOM [circa 2012]
Retrieves values from SQLITE by Ajax, and updates the screen.

Client-Side Shopping Cart [circa 2006]
Stores session data objects on the client.

Mutual Funds Trading Platform [circa 1999]
Processes financial transactions asynchronously in an html frame.

Object-Oriented Javascript (Javascript-Beans)
Programming Javascript like Java, by making Javascript-Beans. Like Java-Beans, they are interfaced through "getter" and "setter" methods.
Javascript Captcha [circa 2002]
Creates a virtual keyboard which makes it difficult for robots to enter a website.
Client Side Spell Checker [circa 2002]
I learned a lot about Javascript optimization doing this project, which does spell checking entirely on the client. The dictionary is smaller than most JPG files.
Soundex Calculator [circa 2002]
Calculates the Soundex of a string. Soundex can be used to measure similarities between strings.
Levenshtein Distance Calculator [circa 2002]
Calculates the Levenshtein Distance [A measure of similarity] between two strings.
Javascript / DOM Object Manipulations (pre-jQuery)
HTML Applications
Afghan National Army Personnel Program (PMAMA)
When I arrived in Afghanistan, the Personnel/Payroll program could stand some improvements. Here is my effort to make it more friendly, reliable, functional. PMAMA is an acronym formed from "Programme Malmute Ardui Milli Afghani" which is an approximate transliteration from Persian for "Afgan National Army Automated Program"
PMAMA [circa 2005]

I spent over one year in Afghanistan as an Embedded Military Advisor to the Afghan National Army. Despite several misgivings I had about the endeavor, it turned out to be one of those experiences of a lifetime. You can see some of my photos from Afghanistan here.

The Jaguar Project

Jaguar Technical Information
Main Page
Add a Drink-Holder to your Jag
Jaguar Conversions (Lump)
Jaguar Lump TH-700-R4 wiring
XJ Parts Suppliers
XJ-6 Substitute Parts
XJ-S Substitute Parts

Some Hobbies

Translating Operas
I enjoy translating and subtitling modern german operas such as "Tanz der Vampire" and "Elisabeth".

Tanz der Vampire - Die Unstillbare Gier
(Music video subtitled by me)

Tanz der Vampire - Gott is Tod
(Music video subtitled by me)

Tanz der Vampire - Tanzaal
(Music video subtitled by me)

I have an affection for the Japanese Women's Opera company "Takarazuka". Some of my favorite performers are Zunko(Shizuki Asato) , Osa (Haruno Sumire), Saeko (Ayaki Nao), and Kiriyan (Kiriya Hiromu).

Elisabeth - Love and Death - Death character sung by Osa
(Music video with subtitles)

Elisabeth - Love and Death - Death character sung by Ayaki Nao
(Music video with subtitles)

Phantom of the Opera - You are Music
(Music video)

Takarazuka Wiki Page

Another Wiki Page

Takarazuka Opera Home Page


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