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JAMSTACK is a concept that emerged as a way to implement the "Static is the New Dynamic" concept.

Static is the New Dynamic
A movement that originated from concerns about how web applications are becoming increasingly difficult to manage and deploy. The increasing complexity involves:

The proposed solution involves: The main idea is to NOT generate content at run-time, but generate it ahead of time, cache the content in static HTML pages, and deploy those pages to the production environment, which would be the CDN. For the website health.gov, this reduced the servers required from 21 different servers to 2 servers, one of which was a backup. The webserver and database run from the same box, generate static HTML pages for every query and those pages are pushed out to the CDN.

An organization without the need (or resources) to pay for a CDN, could easily use Cloudflare to do the same thing for free.

The industry has produced a number of Static Site Generators designed to complete this process of generating static content, such as Hugo, Jekyl, Gatsby. However, to a certain extent, these just create a need for developers/engineers with yet ANOTHER special skill set that is difficult to recruit.

JAMSTACK is a concept that takes this one step further, and allows the static content that is forward-deployed to do dynamic querying of backend-servers via AJAX.

The solution involves all the benefits of "Static is the New Dynamic" plus:

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