Updating System Clock
Download and run the Control [Right-click and save]

I wanted to be able to synchronize my computer's time with one of the US Government time servers. Usually I do this with one of those small widgets like the "Cesium Time" widget.

However, those widgets can not be used in a workplace that has a firewall/proxy-server.

I wanted one that will work through a proxy server, and ended up doing it with javascript and Microsoft's scripting shell.

I have tested this under Windows-XP and Windows-7, but security restrictions in Windows-8 mean that it might not be able to update the system time.

In order to update the sytem clock, it requires the increased privledges of an HTML-Application. You can run it from a remote location, and most functions will work fine. However, if you wish to actually update your system clock, you must download the application, and run it from your desktop.

The file is a standard ascii text file, and you can view it in an editor like notepad, and change the home timezone if you like.

[Screenshot of the application]

Download and run the Control [Right-click and save]