AJAX Mutual Fund Trading Platform
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A large Mutual Funds Processing Company wanted to put it's accounts online so shareholders to be able to view their accounts, and make trades.

This application was "cutting-edge' for it's day (circa 1999). It used a Screen-Scraper middleware from Syntellect (coded in REXX) to communicate directly with custom VSAM screens running in CICS. From there the data was transferred to a Netscape Iplanet webserver via CGI calls which rendered custom tags much like modern-day Cold-Fusion tags.

From there Client-Side Javascript takes over to make asynchronous calls via a hidden data-island back throug the middleware to the mainframe.

This programming approach has come to be called AJAX in the last few years, of course at the time I did it, it had no such name.

It's appearance is not up to par with today's fancy UI driven sites, but most of the DOM was not exposed to manipulation by the browser in those days.

See the demo